PowerBar products are a big part of my training and racing process.  To race at the highest level, you have to train at the highest level.  This essentially puts a large emphasis on training nutrition within the training day on a consistent daily basis as well as on race day. 

Being a swimmer at heart, I have put so many hours into the pool as well as racing many open water portions of the race in triathlon.  I have  an appreciation for quality swim suits, goggles and apparel.  Blueseventy makes the best training and race suits for triathlon, period.  Great for in the water and the rest of the race on dry land. 

Long Course Triathlon on a tough course in the heat presents a wide range of physical and mental challenges.  SaltStick Caps reduce heat stress and muscle cramping while maintaining electrolyte levels.  This keeps the body functioning and firing on all cylinders.

Brian Fleischmann Professional Triatlete